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Workflow Best Practices

Ilya Vakhutinsky

July 7, 2020

Workflow Best Practices

Having a decentralized workforce, Home care agencies face different challenges than other healthcare organizations. Too often are Agency owners and operators bogged down with business requirements that take away time from focusing on what matters – growing their business and providing outstanding patient care. Archaic onboarding processes, employee management systems and outdated communication practices make running an agency harder than it needs to beCareSwitch helps home care agencies find more effective ways to communicate with, recruit, and retain caregivers.


If your home care agency struggles with workflow, you are in the majority. We’re focused on three key areas that can get your agency moving in the right direction by focusing on workflow. 

Onboarding Made Easier


Getting a caregiver from newly hired to fully onboarded is often more difficult than it should be. CareSwitch improves your onboarding workflow by: 


  • Self-Flow Onboarding: We pre-populate your caregiver information into our system and send push notifications to caregivers and office staff about outdated or state-specific compliance documents that need updating 
  • Creating SSO (Single Sign On) for your caregivers through our portal: no more logging onto multiple portals for EVV, agency communication and payroll 
  • Scan and upload documents like TB test results, vaccination schedules and documentation of ongoing training before orientation begins 


Everything in One Place


CareSwitch was started with the realization that payroll, day-to-day management & HR/Compliance was spread across too many places and was difficult to effectively manage. We didn’t understand the need to pay for multiple systems that didn’t accurately speak to one another. Through CareSwitch, you can ensure your caregivers are getting the information they need to best serve clients and your caregivers have the assurance and clarity surrounding their pay breakouts and know, every week, what their paycheck is going to look like. Updates and documentation are completed in real-time, making this investment well worth it in the short and long term.


Payroll Segmented Out


With caregivers often working across different case types (Medicaid Reimbursed, In-Home, Acute Setting, Companion, etc.) they often have trouble distinguishing which pay rate and hours are associated with which client. Come pay day, this can create a lot of questions and sometimes frustration for them and headaches for your office staff who must look back into the system and explain the payouts – if they even have that insight. Our payroll system provides complete breakouts via case name/type and rate so that your caregivers have a clear picture into their earnings and ease of use for your office staff. Best of all, this information lives in one system. Gone are the days of having your Care Coordinator look back into the AMS, through specific cases/hours and trying to do payroll math back to your caregiver (not fun!).


When workflow is not streamlined, communication suffers. When caregivers feel out of the loop regarding their pay, satisfaction plummets and your agency’s reputation is on the line.


Learn more about how your agency might benefit from CareSwitch's service.





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