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How to Effectively Use Social Media

Robert Rakocy

May 12, 2020

Social Media

Social media has always been an important part of home care marketing strategy. However, not all home care agency owners knew how to effectively use social media to build a digital presence, connect with potential clients, and leverage themselves as a local expert. With more people at home during the global coronavirus pandemic, social media is now more important than ever.


Now is the time to begin using your agency’s social media feed effectively. 


Create Your Page


If you don’t already have a social media page, create one now. Use the same branded photos or logos as your website for your cover photo and profile photo. Connect your social media page with links on your website as well. This builds a digital presence and makes it easier for online browsers to find you.


Create a Content Plan


It is important to strike a fine balance between posting too much that your audience gets sick of hearing from you and posting too little so that your audience forgets you are around. Aim for posting 2-4 times per week, and schedule it in your calendar so that you remember to stay consistent with your online presence.


Brand Images with Helpful Information


Right now, people are seeking helpful and realistic information. Step in to fill this gap by creating branded images (via sites like Canva) to offer tips related to your audience. For example, giving tips on how to make a phone call to a senior loved one more meaningful can really resonate with family members right now. You can also provide helpful information for good handwashing techniques, as well as how a family member can do safety checks on their loved one while socially distancing.


Share What You’re Doing


People are a bit fearful right now, especially when it comes to any service in the senior care industry. Ease anxiety by posting about your agency’s best practices when it comes to client care and infection control. Perhaps a photo of a few caregivers in homemade cloth masks or a branded infographic with infection control guidelines in the home will go a long way for your audience.


Share Positivity


Be sure you are highlighting all the good stuff that is happening throughout your agency right now. People need reminders of good things during this uncertain time. Share a quote from a client thank-you note, a clip from a good online review, or a story about one of your caregivers going above and beyond the call of duty.


Answer Questions


Now is a great time to get familiar with live or video features. Create a post asking for questions or concerns and then answer a few via a live stream or pre-recorded video. Videos typically receive more engagement than regular posts and you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your personality, which goes a long way in building a connection with an online audience..


Your social media feed just became a lot more important. Are you using it as effectively as you can?





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