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Recruitment During a Pandemic

Ilya Vakhutinsky

May 6, 2020


We may be in the middle of a global pandemic, but one thing is certain: you still need to actively recruit caregivers. Home care agencies across the globe struggle with finding and retaining qualified caregivers. However, you may be especially struggling right now due to caregivers being ill or due to an increased need for your services.


No matter why you are searching for caregivers to supplement your registry, you may have to deploy some new recruitment and interviewing strategies in order to entice quality applicants and stay safe in the process. Here are a few ideas to try as you work to grow your team during uncertain times.


Use Social Media


Everyone is online right now, clocking more hours scrolling through their social media feeds. Connect with this captive audience by making your presence known via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Create a job posting via social media to allow applicants to submit their resume through your messenger app. You can quickly screen applicants and contact the ones who could be a good fit.


Boost and Share


After you create a job posting on social media, don’t be afraid to ask your team and peers to share the post. This way, your post will reach more people and get more engagement. Then, consider boosting your job posting for a minimal fee. If you’ve never boosted a post before on social media, this is the perfect time to experiment with the skill.

Send an Email


Pull out your file of old applications from the past few years and send a general “we’re hiring” email to previous applicants. You never know who may be looking to pick up a few hours or who has perhaps grown in maturity and could now be ready for a position on your team. Remember, you don’t have to hire someone just because you sent them a “we’re hiring” email.


Network and Create Partnerships


Now is a great time to pick up the phone and connect with other home care agencies in your area, as well as senior living communities and community colleges. You can work with one another to slide resumes from one agency to the next based on who is hiring or for what area. You don’t have to be competitors right now; in fact, many senior living communities are not taking any new admissions unless medically necessary right now which means their recruitment may be slower. They could send you applicants since you are hiring, and they are not.


Interview Safely


Finally, as you do narrow down applicants and begin the interview process, be sure to do so safely. Keep yourself and the applicant safe by using phone calls and virtual interviews as much as possible. If you do want the applicant to meet you for an in-person interview, ensure you are practicing safe social distancing and skipping the handshakes.


How are you finding new ways to recruit during this time? Feel free to share your best recruiting tips and tricks with us! We encourage you to be flexible and find a few new tactics that will keep your business thriving.


Happy recruiting and best of luck,




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