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Part-Time and PRN Staff

Robert Rakocy

July 9, 2020

Part-Time and PRN Staff

Home care agency leaders can sometimes believe that the key to a successful business is a full roster of full-time caregivers. However, other leaders understand that the true secret to success is having a variety of part-time and PRN team members. How is your caregiver roster? Are you utilizing part-time and PRN caregivers as well as you could be? 

Benefits of Part-Time and PRN Staff


Full-time caregivers are, of course, imperative to your agency and to your clients. However, part-time and PRN caregivers can benefit you as well. Here are just a few perks to having a robust part-time and PRN staff roster:


  • More flexibility in scheduling
  • Increased ability to take on a new client with minimal notice
  • Better client care due to refreshed and joyful part-time or PRN staff
  • Easier scheduling process, especially when full-time employees request time off or call in sick
  • Less caregiver fatigue or burnout for your full-time staff


Focus Recruitment


The best way to grow your part-time and PRN caregiver roster is to focus your recruitment strategy. While you should not cease your regular full-time recruitment tactics, you can add in a few of these that can specifically target part-time and PRN team members:


  • Post part-time and PRN specific job posts on your social media feed. Don’t lump part-time, PRN and full-time needs together; instead, create a new job post for each category. You’ll get more traction this way and increase your candidate pool. 
  • Tell local partners that you are hiring part-time and PRN employees; you’ll be surprised at how many more referrals you get when partners know you aren’t trying to “steal” their full-time employees 
  • Work with your local college to create part-time and PRN schedules that will offer students experience while still allowing them to be successful in school 
  • Create a special part-time and PRN benefits package; most part-time and PRN employees do not receive benefits, so creating a special package for them can increase your candidate pool. Try experimenting with benefits like discounted gym memberships, credits towards ongoing education opportunities, and some paid time off 
  • Host Facebook Lives or create other videos talking specifically about part-time and PRN positions available in your agency. Keep videos short to increase the chances that others will share it. Remember to tag your local job agencies as well as use trending hashtags to increase visibility 
  • Acknowledge part-time and PRN staff members in your newsletter, social media feed, and other communications from your agency 
  • Host Introduction to Caregiving presentations where anyone from the community is invited to learn more about home care caregiving; most part-time and PRN staff members will come to you with a passion to serve seniors but without formal training in the industry. Your presentations can give them confidence to put their passion into action. 
  • Work with local retired professionals' associations, like a retired teachers’ group. Most retirees are quite active and would love the opportunity to make extra money while caring for your clients 
How to Get Started


Just as with your full-time caregiver recruitment strategy, your new focus will require both consistency and flexibility. Try to incorporate one task that focuses on increasing your part-time and PRN roster into your monthly to-do list. Then, repeat it for at least 6 months before deciding to continue or to try something new instead.


It only takes a few small steps and a bit of creativity to reach part-time and PRN staff. Your efforts are worth it, as you gain enthusiastic staff members and the flexibility to accept new clients.


We’re cheering you on!





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