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How to Get New Clients

Ilya Vakhutinsky

June 30, 2020

Get New Clients

Connecting with family members and seniors is the cornerstone of your home care business. Without a steady stream of clients to serve, a home care agency can flounder within a few weeks. If your agency struggles with consistent clients, it’s time to brush up on a few best practices that can create a larger funnel for potential clients. Even if your agency has a waitlist or a full-time marketing professional who is successfully bringing in new clients, you can still benefit from a bit of creative inspiration. Here are a few best practices to explore with your home care team.

Review Your Digital Presence


Nowadays, your digital footprint is just as important as your “in real life” presence. Most family members and clients are doing a quick internet search on your agency before they even consider contacting you via email or phone call; is your current digital presence one you are proud of and one that encourages browsers to take the next steps?


You can improve your digital presence, as well as boost your search optimization, by implementing a few of these best practices:


  • Ensure your website is branded, professional, and easy to navigate 
  • Create an agency social media page; keep posts professional and informative 
  • Write monthly resource posts or blogs to add to your website, electronic newsletter, and social media feeds 
  • Brand images with quotes from your resource posts to share to social media 
  • Never share resources from competitors online 
  • Stay on top of your online reviews via social media, Google, Yelp, etc. 


Be the Expert


You will get more clients as their family members begin to see you as the authority on home care in your area. You already have the experience and the passionate staff, but you might need to re-evaluate if your marketing strategy positions you as the leader in your local area.


Exert yourself and your agency as the leader in home care and senior care by:


  • Creating timely and relevant monthly resources online 
  • Presenting in local expert panels or workshops 
  • Becoming a member of a Board of Directors 
  • Creating eBooks or other premium content that browsers can download for free on your agency website 
  • Publishing resource articles (not sales advertising) in local caregiver magazines or trade publications 
  • Hosting live question/answer sessions on social media 
Create Relationships


When it all comes down to it, successful home care leaders create meaningful relationships with clients and their family members long before the senior ever needs care. You can begin to build relationships of trust by asserting yourself as the industry expert, and you can foster those relationships by getting to know the people who browse your website and social media feed.


Engage with people online and offline by:


  • Sticking around to answer questions after a presentation 
  • Replying to comments online 
  • Thanking people for their online and offline reviews of your business 
  • Sending links (or printing articles) to individuals based on their questions 
  • Following up with a phone call or email 
  • Getting to know more about the senior 
  • Finding ways to meet the family member or senior where they are at, solving a problem they need solved 


Your agency’s marketing strategy is complex and addresses the needs of your specific area. However, while you are developing your next quarterly plan, consider ways you can improve your online presence, assert yourself as an expert, and create relationships. You’ll find immediate and long-term results from your efforts.





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