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Easy Client Activities

Ilya Vakhutinsky

May 5, 2020

cg-indoor-activitiesDepending on the clients you are serving right now, you may be spending more time indoors than either of you are used to. However, remaining inside is a part of the public health responsibilities we are all doing right now. If you or your clients seem to be feeling a bit stir-crazy being cooped up in the house all day long, here are a few activities you can easily create to make your time together a bit more special.

Write a Letter


Sit down together and compose a letter to a loved one or friend of your client. You can use regular notebook paper or you can dig out pretty stationery from a drawer in the home. Play relaxing music and encourage your client to write as much as they can. If gripping a pen is challenging or painful for them, you can do the writing on their behalf, writing down what they tell you to.


Paint or Color


Any type of creative activity gives you and your client the chance to focus on something besides daily activities. Use adult coloring books or just doodle and then color in your creations. Painting is great too if you or your client already have paint supplies in the home.


Reminisce Over Coffee


Reminiscing is talking about memories from the past and it is effective for clients of all abilities. You’ll get to know more about your client and the two of you will likely find something in common. Pour a cup of coffee and ask a few questions about their past. Then, see where the conversation takes you. Steer clear of questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Instead, start questions with “tell me about a time when….” so the client needs to provide more details.


Start a Kitchen Garden


Gardening is a great springtime activity that can help you and your client feel connected to the outdoors. You can start a garden from seeds or starter plants, and you can easily plant indoors using small containers or pots. An herb garden for the kitchen is easy to start and easy to keep going; try common herbs like basil or rosemary.


Read a Book Together


Reading aloud together can be a wonderful and relaxing way to pass time during the day. Choose a book together and promise to only read it when you are together. You’ll share an experience and an escape through a book. Novels, short stories, and poems are all excellent options.


Bake or Cook Together


Sift through the old recipe books in your client’s home to choose a few to try to make together. Cooking and baking are accessible to anyone of any ability, and it is packed with sensory stimulation (the smells, the sounds!). Try to make time in the kitchen a part of your weekly routine.


Watch the Birds


With most people staying inside, the local wildlife seems to be everywhere. Sit down in the mornings by a window and see what birds you can see or hear. If you have a bird feeder, put it near the window to draw the birds in closer. You can even start a list of the birds you see during the quarantine. Not sure what types of birds you are seeing? A quick google search for birds in your area will give you pictures to compare to.


Creating a break in the monotony of the day and turning off the television will be good for your client’s mood and for yours too. 


Stay safe and be well,




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