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Checking In with Clients

Ilya Vakhutinsky

May 18, 2020

Client Check In

Older adults and people with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable to complications from COVID-19. For most home care agency owners, this is their entire client base. Hopefully, your clients are safe and healthy at home right now. Your caregivers and your services are certainly playing a huge role in the mental and physical health of your clients right now.


However, you and your caregivers are probably noticing that your clients are feeling more anxious or concerned right now. Making a commitment to checking in on your clients regularly can go a long way in bolstering their confidence and boosting their mood.


Call Clients Daily


You don’t have to pick up the phone and call each client every day, but you should work through your client roster over the course of 7-10 business days. Even if a client doesn’t answer the phone, leave a message.


Consider Video Chats 


If there is an option for you to video chat with a client while a caregiver is there, do it! Video calls are still such a novelty for clients, and it can be a fun way to check-in on their health as well as give you the opportunity to see how they are looking. It’s also a great way to give a friendly check-in to your caregivers as well.


Respond to Messages Quickly


While you certainly must maintain boundaries for your own personal mental health, if you are able to return client messages a bit more quickly during this uncertain time, your clients will appreciate it immensely. 


Send a Handwritten Note


Break out your stationery to send out handwritten notes of encouragement to each of your residents every month. You can use this time to talk about any agency news or policy changes regarding COVID-19, as well as just to say hello.


Send Out Activities


Consider sending activity packets for clients to work on while sheltering in their homes. You can make copies of crossword puzzles or word searches, as well as including fun trivia sheets. Try to use large print when possible and personalize the activities when you can. For example, how about a trivia sheet all about your caregivers and office staff.


Say Hello on Social Media


Finally, some of your clients may be active on social media. You can use your Facebook feed to send some good cheer to your clients via fun and lighthearted video messages weekly. 


Your presence and leadership matter to your clients now more than ever. Don’t let them down. Instead, check in on them often.





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