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Building Community Confidence

Robert Rakocy

May 4, 2020


The world is a bit upside down lately. The coronavirus pandemic is drastically affecting the daily lives of everyone across the globe. In addition to the illness itself, COVID-19 has also brought quite a bit of anxiety, confusion, and fear. You likely are already seeing the effect these extra emotions are having on your agency.


Perhaps you have noticed your caregivers need a little more reassurance right now or that your clients need a bit more hands-on attention. You also may have noticed that the family members of your clients need double the communication and a quicker response time in order to feel cared for.


People are searching for comfort and peace of mind. Your agency can give that to your caregivers, clients, family members, and greater community by communicating well and communicating often.


Build confidence with these tips:


Talk About Infection Control Policies


You already had great infection control policies before COVID-19 happened. But now that everyone is highly attuned to the benefits of hand hygiene and other infection control practices, be sure you are talking about your commitment to infection control at your office and within client homes. 


Talk About (and Show) PPE


Worry about personal protective equipment can cause serious anxiety throughout your client base. Communicate your PPE policies as well as showing photos of caregivers wearing masks while on the way to work or while working in a client home. These photos can go a long way in building confidence with your clients, their family members, and the greater community.


Show Up with Solutions


Boost confidence throughout your staff and community by choosing to show up and meet immediate problems with solutions. Can you organize a homemade mask drive to benefit a local nursing home? Can you set up a food drive to serve low-income home-bound seniors in your community? Find the immediate needs in your community and show up ready to help solve it.


Care for Your Caregivers


People across the marketplace are paying close attention to how business owners are caring for their employees during this turbulent time. Take good care of your caregivers because it is the right thing to do and it will build confidence throughout the community in your agency. Make sure they are caring for themselves and staying healthy so that they can care for their clients well.


Talk about your infection control and PPE. Show up for your community and your caregivers with out-of-the-box solutions. Your agency can shine right now because you are actively choosing to do the next right thing.




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